Onyx Laboratories is a local Anatomic Pathology Laboratory that provides a full menu of services to podiatrists throughout the state of texas.



ONYX Mission

Our laboratory provides the highest quality of service to patients, their families, and their physicians --- patient care is our top priority. As such, we are dedicated to delivering superior laboratory services that allow practices more time with their patients. Onyx prides itself on its reputation of excellence through accurate, precise and rapid results. Our passion for the science of medicine combined with cutting edge technology delivers diagnostic data to optimize patient diagnosis, treatment, management and prognosis.



Onyx plans on being one of the few all-encompassing, podiatric focused laboratories serving the state of Texas. We will provide a testing menu based on the needs of today's podiatrists. The highest level of care and service is our standard.

888.669.9522 / 888.ONYXLAB