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 Why is my specimen being sent to Onyx Laboratories?

Your podiatrist has chosen Onyx Laboratories because we are a local company in the DFW Metroplex dedicated to podiatric patient care. As an anatomic pathology laboratory, our priority is ensuring podiatrists have the clinically actionable results they need to properly treat their patient’s feet.

Our goal as a laboratory is to provide the highest quality of service to patients, their families, and their physicians --- patient care is our top priority. As such, we are dedicated to delivering superior laboratory services that allow practices more time with their patients. 

How will this help my treatment?

When examining your feet, physicians often run into scenarios where they may not be sure of what they are looking to treat. By sending in your specimen, physicians gain access to a higher-level examination giving them insight to the condition or disease in question. The report provided by Onyx Laboratories assists your physician to accurately plan your course of treatment.